White on Snow!

Everything seem much calmer after the chaos that three inches if snow caused here in Atlanta. After the storm we get a calmer feeling, and it’s beautiful outside. I’m loving the weather. Sunny snowy day. What else can you ask for? In these particular days I love to dress like nature. Pure white. I’m wearing my fave pair of Joe’s cropped pants, Gap top, Dolce Vita booties, H&M beanie hat, William Ras sunnies in white and tortoiseshell, and a Mochila made by our Colombian indigenous called Arhuacos. The Arhuacos are an Ameriindian ethnic group of La Sierra Nevada in northern Colombia. They are extremely talented artisans and they do from Mochilas to hammocks and jewelry. They are our treasure. Enjoy the snow and the beautiful view. Xx.















Photos by Darian Cornish

Snowing in Atlanta!

No one was expecting three or more inches of snow and that for sure caused a lot of chaos. People had to abandon their cars and walk miles and miles to get home or to get to the Nearest shelter. The southern capital of Atlanta collapsed. I have never seen something like this. A whole city paralyzed, captured by the inclement weather. It was a wake up call for me to learn to be more prepared to this kind of emergency situations. Luckily I made it home and I had the opportunity to enjoy the weather. It was very pretty. The roofs covered in this white carpet and the trees dipped in the melting snow. I was happy to see the snow but it was also bitter sweet because I had some of my family and friends stranded in the inclement weather. Trapped with no food or gas. Hopefully the city of Atlanta would be better prepared for next years. And our fellows from the north can have also a bit more compassion because it was no joke what happened here. Hopefully everyone is safe and we all learn from this experience!!!






Shoe Art Inspiration

As you may know I also paint and this time I was inspired on some cute shoes I saw and brought them to life in this cute mini watercolor paintings. You can find them on my etsy store. They are perfect for those fashion lovers and home decor. Xx.




NY Street Style

New York City has it all. From super chic and expensive fashion like Hermes, to cool and cheap jewelry in lower Manhattan and the beginning of Soho. Street walkers rocking their trendy and not so trendy outfits, from see-thru leggins to theater and street performances. NYC is a Metropolis full of contrasts and fashion statements. Already you can see that spring fashion is around the corner with window views of colored clothes in yellows, blues and pinks. remember NY is one step ahead of you and it has the latest of the latest in terms of fashion. Not to mention that NYFW is around the corner. I really enjoyed my time here, exploring what this fab city has to offer. I wore simple outfits because I knew I was going to walk for long periods of time, so I decided to wear a pair of white canvas TOMS, some black leggins from Mossimo, a denim shirt from H&M and it was pretty chilly so I bought a leopard scarf in the street for 10 bucks. I combined my outfit with and a lovely, acid pair of my fave Raybans. And also some heart-shaped sunnies. This trip was for sure a trip to remember and I hope to be back very soon. Enjoy the colors, the contrast and the fashion!Xx.

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Photos by Darian Cornish

Nature, Leopard & Lace

These winter days have been amazingly beautiful, sunny days make me happy! Shooting with the suns energy is spectacular, you get to feel this warm energy thru your body turning out your pictures in really good ones! Nature has always been part of me and I love to go outdoors and feel that connection with the trees, lakes, animals from the area and so…. For this look I opted for a vintage and comfy cardigan sweater, leopard leggings from forever21, lace top from Free People, beanie hat from H&M and shoes from Deena & Ozzy for UO. Xx.



















Photos by Darian Cornish

Wide Brim Hat & Checker Pattern Dress!

After waiting for almost three weeks to get my wide brim wool hat on the mail, I was really exited to finally wear it! It is the most gorgeous hat ever, 100% wool felt and crushable so it will last forever. I can fold it and pack it up in a suitcase, and the hat will conserve its normal mold. This amazing hat is from Dorfman Pacific Company, and this handmade hats have been made since 1921 here in the U.S.A. I really wanted a hat for so long but I could never find one that fitted perfectly and that I really loved. did I forgot to mention that is water repellent? This hat virtually laughs at the rain!
I also wore a cute little checker pattern dress from UO, tights from Madden Girl and some high heel booties from Gianni Bini. I love the SUNNY winter days, enjoy! Xx.












Photos by Darian Cornish

My Daily Beauty Essentials!

I wanted to share my beauty secrets with you guys. I usually don’t wear lots of make up because I like it to keep it fresh and natural. I use a few products that make my skin look at its best without having to use too much. Normally I don’t wear a foundation on a daily basis because my skin doesn’t need it, but I like to wear underneath my eyes a brightening camouflage or corrector from Benefit, it’s called erase paste. I use the N. 1 fair. It’s magical and erases almost anything. After that I usually apply Magic Lumi from L’ORΓ‰AL, it’s a light infusing primer and it gives you a touch of shimmering or a luminous effect. For my eyes I love to apply a very cool and super easy cream eyeshadow called Creaseless Cream Shadow from Benefit as well, the color tone that I use is called RSVP and it’s super natural almost like sand color. Benefit cosmetics is my ultimate favorite brand, you can find more info at http://www.benefitcosmetics.com
For my cheeks I use the ‘Dainty’ Mineralize Blush from MAC it’s a gorgeous color between peach and pale pink with hints of golden tones. To apply my blush I use a special brush from Sonia Khun.
And for my lips, I apply first a Prep + Prime from MAC which gives moisture to the lips and a long lasting effect after that I apply a MAC lipstick called ‘Hue’. I finalize my beauty routine by splashing the most delish perfume ever: Miss Dior! There you have it, a simple but beautiful way to do your daily makeup routine. xx